Mobile Apps Development for Startups & Small Businesses

What we can do for our Clients ?

  • Make a Business Strategy :
    We help our clients to develop business strategy for their app to ensure that the end product can reach their business goals.

  • UI/UX Design :
    We understand the importance of user experience and hence, put an all our efforts to develope an extremly attractive UI/UX centric designs for our Clients.

  • Mobile Development :
    Get on-demand Mobile solutions for developing Android and iOS;we provide a total solutions for every business model.
  • Starting from Mobile consulting to Mobile Strategy designing ,Mobile App design layout and Development to Mobile Testing and Deployment, we help our client to mobilise their business

    what is Mobile Consulting ?
    We help you in your buiness to reach your goals faster than your competitors by using the power of mobile. We will help you take a better decision regarding refining idea, understand market trend & frame monetization strategy.

    We truly understand mobile and how your clients engages with it. At we make the best use of insight and strategy to formulate clear objectives and deliver results.

    Planning Strategy
    Figure out the opportunities and challenges with your business idea. Planning a Successful App Strategy for your business.A clear app strategy is essential for your business to succeed financially.At we want you to be sure about your app strategy.

    And if you are not, do not worry, our team will help you get there. If you do not have a technical background, your overall strategy might have a few voids which may remain invisible to you. Our job is to uncover and fill them up for you.

    Listening to your Requirements
    We are here to making great things. So listening to the clients requirement, always work best. We at always focus to listen to the requirement of our clints . In your mind, you know a million ways to improve how things work.

    Listening to them and putting them into practice, applying them in the real world and producing results is where the challenge lies. This is where we come in.

    Define and develop an operational model that focuses on best practices and continuous improvement across all digital channel disciplines . We do everything to ensure your project has maximum success.

    We are happy for you to measure us on this . We will help facilitate your success and will report regularly against your key metrics to ensure we are always on track and delivering results.

    Execution of App
    Thanks to our talented team, we can deliver a Great App which solves user’s need. We ensure you have access to the right tools in order to deliver the results you need. Our consulting services as an app marketing agency are focused on creating the best marketing strategy for your app.Creation of an efficient marketing strategy and execution for the same is our motto.

    Pocket App provides efficient support and maintenance after deployment

    At PocketApp, after we deploy your Mobile app and host your website , we handover the access control to you.

    But what we have discovered is that even after get the control the client is not comfortable in maintaining by themselves

    Seeing this, we have placed emphasis on providing support and FREE maintenance services for apps and WEBSITE even after they are deployed and HOSTED

    Our experienced team members are here to help you out with that.

    Drop your inquiry at or call us at (+1) 972 - 467 - 2973 .